Knowledge dissemination
Providing a setting for education, training and
development of healthcare professionals and the wider
workforce that is characterised by systematic enquiry
and a commitment to use of evidence in practice.


HIEC Funded Projects

A collaborative educational initiative to improve End of Life Care in all settings, including the management of breathlessness

This project is a multidisciplinary educational initiative in End of Life Care (EOLC) based on increasing the uptake of the three 'End of Life Care tools', Gold Standards Framework (GSF), Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) advocated by the NHS End of Life Care Strategy (2008).
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Self Management (SM) and Supported Self Management in COPD

To develop innovative delivery methods to support the developing education models and tools to support effective Self Management (SM) and Supported Self Management (SSM) (using the personal health planning tool) for patients, carers and staff in an integrated COPD care pathway.
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Practice-based whole team training for dementia care

A practice-based whole team training programme will be developed for all staff working clinically with elderly patients who have known dementia or confusion. This will support and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of clinical teams working with this group of patients and their carers. The emphasis is on skills development and maintenance of these in practice underpinned by a sound evidence-based approach to ensure sustainability, within a culture of individualised care.
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COPD Education Project

The primary purpose of the COPD Education project is to provide education and training for GPs and practice staff in Cambridgeshire, incorporating the latest national and local guidance and protocols on all aspects of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) care, from diagnosis to end-of-life care.
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The Urology & Continence Network

The Urology HIEC projects aim to create an intersectoral Urology Network/Partnership, designed to improve services and aid efficient cross-boundary care supported by new channels of communication, regular formalised meetings and a comprehensive education strategy.
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Long Term Conditions Learning and Development Programme - Working at the Interface of Physical and Mental health

This Project is to develop and deliver a new training programme for primary and secondary health care staff on the psychological management of those with long term conditions and medically unexplained physical symptoms. This group of patients has considerable morbidity, and is currently managed sub-optimally within primary and secondary care, whilst utilising considerable resource.
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Care Card - Can a Bus Pass be used to carry essential data?

Cambridge University Health Partners and Cambridgeshire County Council have initiated a project, in association with local smart-card technology company General Information Systems, to establish whether the Bus Pass can be used to carry essential data needed to provide joined-up services for older people in the County.
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Development of a Clinical Expert Database to Connect the NHS with Industry

The overall goal of the Clinical Expert Database project is to create a web based tool that will help facilitate new interactions between the NHS and Industry. Expert clinical opinion is vital to the development process of new medical technology by healthcare companies to ensure unmet clinical needs are filled as effectively as possible and new products are fit for purpose within the NHS.
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Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)

Seeks to improve quality in the care provided for people with diabetes. The areas of patient care included are diagnosis, management and treatment.
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