Mr Stephen Davies, Chief Operating Officer
Mr Stephen Davies, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer advises on new university hospital in Botswana

16 August 2011

Stephen Davies, Chief Operating Officer of CUHP, joined an international advisory panel at a workshop in Gaborone, Botswana, between 7th and 10th August 2011.

The role of the panel was to advise a high-ranking committee, including representatives from the Ministries of Education and Health and the University of Botswana, on how best to prepare for the commissioning of a new 450 bed teaching hospital now under construction in Gaborone.

The panel, which also included leaders from academic health organisations in the Australia, Malawi, South Africa and the USA, made a number of recommendations covering governance, management and planning.

The workshop involved around 50 central government, health service, university and advisory staff involved in the project in various roles.

Mr Davies said "The panel commended the Botswana government for its far-sighted investments in medical education and academic medicine, which will bring many benefits to its citizens. We were able to make a number of recommendations that as a panel we believed would help both ministries in realising those benefits."

Dr Thomas Massaro, Dean of the School of Medicine, said "There was broad and unanimous recognition of the value of the recommendations made by the panel."

There are a number of clinical, educational and managerial links between Cambridge and Botswana co-ordinated through Addenbrooke’s Abroad, a programme of the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

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