To provide and deliver the best healthcare requires skilled professionals who have received the highest quality training. 

This means developing education and teaching programmes which improve the current workforce and ensure they are ready to meet the needs of the future.

CUHP is collaborating with a number of partners and organisations to deliver the courses and the tuition which people and institutions need. Whether this is studying the latest surgery techniques, improving leadership skills or finding an online course to learn on the go - we are creating the education packages people want and need.

These programmes and courses cannot be developed in isolation which is why we are working with the NHS and industry to understand the advances in techniques, the changes in technology and how healthcare is evolving. This is helping to further encourage collaboration, breakdown barriers and provide the best care to patients.

The quality of our courses have been recognised and accredited by the various national bodies and we are continuing to see a growth in national and international interest in our programmes.


Our course endorsement provides quality approval against certain criteria for your educational/ continuing professional development...

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Online Learning

We have developed an online learning portal with Addenbrookes Postgraduate Medical Centre (PGMC) to provide accessible and high quality...

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Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre

The Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre is a state of the art facility providing advanced 'as-real' research and training...

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