CBC on Virtual Tour: Use of health and care data by businesses

Join Mark Avery for this fascinating webinar: enabling commercial organisations to access health and care data is essential for innovation, helping to provide future treatments to improve and save lives.

Patients and the public are generally supportive, with assurance that appropriate permissions and safeguards are in place. But real support comes from understanding how our data can be used to improve the health and lives of others.

What are the factors that make the difference between acceptability, and being actively supported by patients and the public?

Mark Avery splits his role at Eastern AHSN and Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP). His role includes providing governance and oversight of information-based innovations to support clinicians to have the data they need at the point of care and developing the capability in the region to integrate data to gain insights that inform health and care delivery and clinical research. He sits on the East of England Health and Care Record Programme Board and is the operational lead for Gut Reaction – the National Health Data Research Hub for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Starting out as an information analyst, Mark has approaching 20 years’ experience working in the NHS across a range of operational, information, contracting and performance management roles. He is experienced in leading complex projects and programmes in acute hospitals and commissioning organisations.

“Recent advances in clinical imaging, pathology and genomic technologies have led to remarkable progress in understanding disease, but the power of these technologies cannot be fully realised until the immense volume of data generated can be integrated, then analysed. This is what we are working to achieve in a secure cloud research environment to protect the privacy of individuals.”

This webinar is part of the ‘CBC on Virtual Tour’ series – the chance to learn more about the Cambridge Biomedical Campus where over 20,000 people at the forefront of the changing face of healthcare are working.

This event will be recorded and a link will be sent to all participants afterwards. It will also be posted on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus YouTube channel.

CBC on Virtual Tour: Use of health and care data by businesses
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