CBC Wellness Campaign: More about the Menopause

In this CBC Wellness Campaign Webinar, Emma Tytherleigh will explain how women’s hormones change in this phase of life and discuss the myriad of symptoms women can experience as a result of these changes. In this session we will also cover:

  • The types of exercise needed in the perimenopause to keep the body strong and mobile;
  • Nutrition - what to eat to help ease the symptoms and promote general good health in the peri menopause and throughout the 3rd age; and
  • Mental health and sleep - the change in hormones can have a profound impact on women’s mental wellbeing.

After starting to experience a range of peri menopausal symptoms at the age of 41 years, Emma set up The Joyful Menopause (www.joyfulmenopause.co.uk) and has spent the last five years researching and gathering knowledge on the perimenopause, in particular the effect it has on women’s health, both physically and mentally. As a qualified personal trainer, she also has a focus on how exercise can make a significant difference to women in this phase of their life.

She is driven to share this knowledge with women and empower them to improve their health during this phase. She runs six-week interactive Joyful Menopause courses which educate women and encourage them to look at where they can make changes in their current lives to support their health and wellbeing. The courses also build a sense of community and support network amongst the cohort of women on each course. “I learnt so much in this course and it made me stop and think about what I need to do to change my lifestyle to help myself: even small changes can make a big difference. I feel enthused and excited about how I go forward from here. I’ve recommended this course to so many friends - absolutely excellent in contact and value for money.” Sally, Cambridge

NOTE: This webinar will also be broadcast live on 19th October - an opportunity to listen again and to ask questions you didn't think of the first time around! See Eventbrite for details.

This event is part of the ‘CBC Wellness Campaign’ – a series of webinars supporting the 21,000+ people who work on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, many of whom are at the forefront of the changing face of healthcare. However, these events are also for anyone looking for additional support: you don't have to work here and there is no charge to attend.

These events will be recorded and a link will be sent to all participants afterwards. It will also be posted on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus YouTube channel.

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CBC Wellness Campaign: More about the Menopause
Date and Time

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Robinson Way, Cambridge, CB2 0RE