British Science Week

Cambridge is the Capital of UK Life Sciences.

The Life Sciences sector employs over 13,000 people in 431 companies.  But numbers alone don’t explain the growth, success and impact which people, organisations and companies are making in the Cambridge Cluster and particularly on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC).

The CBC is a thriving community where the worlds of academia, industry and health meet, collaborate and work to tackle the important healthcare challenges facing the world today. 

As the largest employment site in Cambridge with 17,250 people -  set to increase to 21,000 by 2021 -  we are focused on ensuring patients benefit from the campus’ world-leading research. The international nature of the collaborations cuts across traditional boundaries to allow us to work together on care, research, education and training. Our success is based on everyone’s willingness to unite to exert a powerful global influence as the Campus attracts world class companies, investment and talent to Cambridge with the aim of improving knowledge and health. 

Nowhere in the Europe and rarely across the world do you find this set of conditions. We have the space to accommodate expansion and the international connections to be a global health and life science hub. We believe this is why, coupled with the people we have, Cambridge has a key role to play in the Government’s Life Science Industrial Strategy.

Of course, with such a growing site we are mindful of matching growth with infrastructure. We spend a lot of time with local and national government partners thinking through amenities, infrastructure and travel planning. 

With the cost of healthcare increasing as the demand from an aging population soars, we are committed to producing the next generation of therapies. We have the foundations in place to generate the ideas, products and revenue to deliver the future success of the UK and ensure that patients benefit most of all.

National Science Week and the University’s Science Festival is a key opportunity to showcase to the world that we have something very special here, which will improve lives throughout the world in the years to come.

Have you got an idea which needs support?

Have you got an idea which needs support?

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