Cambridge Biomedical Campus Learning Week

As a wise person once said ‘You should never stop learning’.

From the moment we are born, we develop new skills, absorb ideas and discover what we are capable of. This process gathers pace at school, college and university and never really stops – we should all be encouraged to embrace lifelong learning.

To mark this month’s National Festival of Learning, we are going to highlight how people, organisations and institutions on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus are evolving as they develop their talents, acquire knowledge and work together on new ideas.

So this week, under the hashtag #CBClearning, there will be a range of features telling the story of learning on the Campus from the impact of apprenticeships in hospitals to how anatomy teaching meets the needs of our future medics. We will also be showing how businesses are working with STEM ambassadors, how pupils have been working with companies on the site and how construction firms are teaching their graduate trainees new skills.

We will also shine a light on the training courses which take place throughout the year to ensure the clinical staff on the Campus are kept up to date and reveal how world famous institutions engage with the public.

Ultimately we want to celebrate the achievements of everyone who have used learning to transform themselves and the lives of those around them.

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