Cambridge Biomedical Campus - Recovery Week

When people have an operation, are diagnosed with an illness or suddenly need medical help, the focus is rightly on what is happening right then and there and how to tackle whatever the problem is.

But this is just the start of a journey.

How you recover from illness or injury is a fundamental part of healthcare - one which may not grab the headlines of the initial diagnosis, treatment or procedure but is just as important.

Your recovery from illness or injury can set the tone, the pace and the scope of how you can lead the rest of your life. It can be complex with setbacks and victories but it is a journey which is taken with the support of medical professionals aided by new and exciting discoveries by researchers and industry. 

The more you can be returned to ‘normal’ – the better for everyone: for you, your family and friends and the community as a whole. As ‘getting better’ can be a huge investment of time, effort and resources all to get someone back on their feet.

During this week, we will be highlighting how clinicians, researchers and industry work to help people with their recovery from physical and mental issues. We will demonstrate the efforts, the theory and the people who have dedicated themselves to helping patients recover.

There will be many examples of this work including how hospitals plan to help people recover even before they have an operation, why stroke sufferers need more than just medication and what your DNA can do to help you get better.

The constant thread through all these stories is the desire to help people to feel well again which is at the heart of all we do on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

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