All the Best

Supporting Postgraduate Students at Cambridge’s School of Clinical Medicine

Our ambition is to find, mentor, and inspire the most talented and diverse group of young people capable of going on to solve the world's major health challenges. That means ensuring all students with the greatest potential to lead the next generation of world-changing doctors and medical scientists have a chance to study at Cambridge, not just some. It means removing barriers that stand in the way: reaching, supporting, and funding the very best students we can find, from all parts of the UK and the world.

Today's postgraduates are tomorrow's leaders, especially in the field of medicine. Whether in the lab or in the clinic, postgraduates are vital to cutting-edge medical research and practice. If we want to push the boundaries of our knowledge further than ever before, if we are intent on the next great discovery and on transforming the treatment of patients across the globe, then we must ensure that access to higher degrees is not limited to those who can afford them.

We are hugely proud of the strength and breadth of our postgraduate programme in medicine. Our master’s and PhD students are a vital source of fresh eyes, new approaches and bold ideas. Cambridge fosters a culture of radical thinking, and of pursuing solutions to big, unanswered questions. It is to this endeavour that we expect our postgraduate students to contribute – a significant challenge, and a major test of character, but it is also why postgraduate education at Cambridge is the best there is.

Philanthropic Priorities

Working with our partners, we are developing plans to fund new projects in neuroscience, cancer, public health, children’s health and...

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