Cambridge Children's

It’s rare to have the opportunity to create something truly exceptional, with the potential to transform healthcare for children and young people both locally and across the globe. With Cambridge Children’s we have just that: an opportunity to create a new type of children’s hospital, purpose-built to re-imagine the way we think about child health and disease prevention.

Cambridge Children’s will be the first hospital in the world to offer physical and mental health care seamlessly integrated at the bedside, co-located with the world-leading research of the University of Cambridge. This is more than just integrated healthcare; we will be looking to understand the early origins of disease affecting both physical and mental health, to build resilience and improve life trajectories, and to shift from reactive care to prevention.

Our goal is to better detect, understand and delay the onset of physical and mental health conditions; ultimately, to prevent them from ever occurring. We aim to model the hospital of the future, providing a fundamentally new approach to healthcare for children, young people and the adults they become. And we will share and scale our approaches for the benefit of children and families in our region, our country and globally.

The vital importance of Cambridge Children’s has been recognised by the UK Government with a commitment of £100 million towards the project. Read more on the Cambridge Children's website here.

To speak to someone regarding supporting the project please contact Caroline Campbell in our development team.

Philanthropic Priorities

Working with our partners, we are developing plans to fund new projects in neuroscience, cancer, public health, children’s health and...

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