Cancer Research Hospital

Here in Cambridge we believe that the only way to make cancer treatment more effective and more sustainable is to change two fundamental variables: detecting cancer earlier and treating it more precisely, matching patients to a course of therapy designed to target the vulnerabilities in their particular cancer at the earliest opportunity. To achieve this vision, the University of Cambridge is partnering with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to develop a new type of cancer hospital, which will harness the strength of Cambridge research in the early detection and precision treatment of cancer, and deploy life-saving innovation at-scale and in clinical real-time.

In the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital, University chemists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians will work together with doctors to develop and implement new tools, tests, predictive models, and more. From machine-learning experts, using live patient data to help us make better-informed treatment decisions, to engineers undertaking early-phase tests of new detection and monitoring devices, our practice-changing work will be taking place at, or just seconds away from, the patient’s bedside.

It will be a place where more of those patients are cured and where fewer suffer unnecessary treatment side-effects. More radically, we see it as a place where over time fewer will need to occupy those in-patient rooms, or chemotherapy beds, because their cancer will have been found and managed at the earliest possible point of detection, long before more aggressive intervention was required.

Our ambition is that the gains made in Cambridge are extended to patients whose cancer will be diagnosed and treated in other cities and regions, and that our discoveries and innovations become widespread, enduring improvements in cancer treatment and outcomes worldwide.

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