Institute for Brain and Mind Health

The Cambridge Institute of Brain and Mind Health will form the heart of a redeveloped neuroscience district on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The district will bring together on a single site hundreds of researchers across multiple disciplines from the University and allied institutions, providing laboratories, clinical research facilities, and educational spaces. This represents a rare opportunity to combine the strengths of clinicians and medical researchers with those of chemists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, as well as industry partners, to create the world’s leading centre of excellence dedicated to the development of new therapies for brain and mental health disorders.

Brain and mental health disorders are extremely common and can present at any stage of life – one in four of us will be affected in our lifetimes. It is expected that depression is soon going to be the single biggest cause of disability globally, while 47 million people worldwide are already living with dementia. These disorders have a dramatic effect on quality of life and a profound impact on caregivers, families, and wider society. Across the globe, mental health disorders cost the economy over $2.5 trillion each year, more than cancer and heart disease combined.

We urgently need to discover new treatments, based on an advanced understanding of brain and mind function. It is in response to this pressing global challenge that the University of Cambridge is establishing a dedicated neuroscience district on the Biomedical Campus, concentrating on a single site, in state-of-the-art facilities, our vast and interdisciplinary research network in this field. The new district, centred on the University's Institute for Brain and Mind Health, will allow us to accelerate our unique approach of integrating neuroscience and psychiatry, and of breaking down other traditional disciplinary and conceptual boundaries currently obstructing progress.

Philanthropic Priorities

Working with our partners, we are developing plans to fund new projects in neuroscience, cancer, public health, children’s health and...

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